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Lifecycle Marketing Benchmark Report 

Marketers are now seeing their jurisdiction extend all the way through the customer lifecycle. This shift puts many marketers in new territory, requiring them to pioneer new approaches to do things like client marketing and retention. This survey’s goal is to understand the work marketing is doing across the entire customer lifecycle, identifying the associated priorities and challenges.


2015 Sales Enablement Benchmark Report

Review this benchmark report, conducted in July 2014 and sponsored by Showpad, to explore the impact of "bad" sales interactions, or poor performing sales conversations, to understand how they affect sales opportunities and overall revenue. This study can help marketing and sales understand how to earn the highest ROI on sales meetings together.


Marketing Automation Benchmark Report

In a July 2014 study sponsored by Marketo, Demand Metric partnered with Ascend2 to identify how B2B marketers will be pursuing Marketing Automation success in the upcoming year. Review this report the learn about the current objectives, success, obstacles and metrics in use for Marketing Automation


Sales Enablement Best Practices Report

Read this best practices report to learn how sales enablement has developed and how to implement the sales enablement function within your company. In this Best Practices Report on Sales Enablement, we will cover the topic from the benefits to an organization to how to create an effective Sales Enablement function for your company.


Sales Enablement Maturity Model

Our Sales Enablement Maturity Model was designed to help organizations with a roadmap for improving their sales enablement capabilities. The model provides 4 stages of maturity (Undefined, Progressive, Mature and World-Class) on 8 components of Sales Enablement (Orientation, Leadership, Technology, Alignment, Sales Support Tools, Processes, Metrics and Results).


Sales Enablement Framework

This framework was designed with sales enablement best practices in mind. It should be used to audit your current capabilities and ultimately help you document an action plan for each of the following stakeholders: Senior Management, Product Management, Sales Ops, Marketing Ops, Demand Gen, Sales/Account Management, HR and Customer Support.


Sales Enablement Playbook

This sales enablement playbook was designed to define the activities required to successfully create, plan and execute a sales enablement program. The six stages of this sales enablement playbook are as follows: Understand, Evaluate, Research, Plan, Implement and Measure. 


Sales Enablement Plan Methodology

This Sales Enablement Plan is a 47-page PDF planning methodology that highlights our premium tool-kit of 35 premium tools & templates to help you develop a sales enablement plan that increases your win-rate, deal-size and % reps attaining quota. Use this methodology to help plan, implement, execute and measure your sales enablement strategy.



Marketing Automation Solution Study

Our Marketing Automation (MA) Solution Study covers one of six categories in our Sales Enablement Best Practices Report. Demand Metric defines Marketing Automation as the strategies, processes and software technology that enable marketing departments to automate, measure and improve the performance of marketing strategies, activities and workflows.


Marketing Automation ROI Calculator

We created the Marketing Automation ROI Calculator to assist you in measuring the overall impact of adding Marketing Automation to your business. Use this Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to calculate the overall financial impact that Marketing Automation can have on lead generation, lead scoring and lead nurturing.


Marketing Automation Metrics Dashboard

We created the Marketing Automation Metrics Dashboard to help you define, track, and report on your key marketing automation performance metrics. Each of these metrics can be easily customized to suit your organization's needs. For companies large and small, it is important you keep track of metrics so you can identify areas where you need to improve upon.


Marketing Automation Strategy Scorecard

We created a simple one-page strategy scorecard to document your Marketing Automation objectives, initiatives, measures, and targets for the next 12-18 months. The marketing automation Strategy Scorecard is an excellent tool for identifying the objectives, programs, initiatives and actions, key performance indicators & metrics, and target timeframes for achieving your goals.


Marketing Automation Vendors Matrix

We created a Microsoft Excel matrix with information about Marketing Automation vendors. This matrix was created with the purpose of helping you receive a better understanding of the key players in the marketing automation space. In our template we have provided space for 30 Marketing Automation vendors, and a section where you can add additional information. 


Marketing Automation Vendor Evaluation

We created the Marketing Automation Vendor Evaluation to help you find the Marketing Automation vendor that best fits your organization. Use this Microsoft Excel matrix to compare Marketing Automation vendor solutions based on your requirements. For each requirement, rank vendors based on their ability to deliver on your need.


Marketing Automation System RFP

We created the Marketing Automation System RFP Template to help you design a Marketing Automation System Request for Proposal (RFP). An RFP is a formal invitation to request vendor proposals that meet specific business requirements and purchasing criteria.


Marketing Automation Maturity Assessment

We created a Microsoft Excel self-assessment to evaluate your marketing maturity and lead generation capabilities.This tool allows you to rate your company on the following: Marketing Automation & Lead Management, Direct & Database Management, Conversion & Landing Pages, Analytics, SEO & Paid Search, Systems Integration and Campaign Measurement & Reporting.


Marketing Automation Business Case

We created this business case to help you create buy-in for an investment in a Marketing Automation solution. This template is a formal management communication document that provides an opportunity overview, key success factors, assumptions & decision-making criterion, business impact analysis, sensitivity analysis, risks, contingency plans, and action plan.


How-To Guide: B2B Marketing Automation

This How-To Guide will help to ensure that you are among the successful majority of B2B marketing automation buyers, not the unhappy remnant. This 15-page guide includes the following sections: "what is B2B Marketing Automation?," Core Functions, Specialty Functions, Key Considerations, Vendor Landscape and Best Practices.




How-To Guide: Driving Value with Marketing Automation

Read this guide to understand what level of maturity your organization is at with marketing automation and how you can drive value with more advanced uses of your marketing automation system. This 12-page guide includes information on the Marketing Automation Maturity Model, the levels of Marketing Automation maturity and how to evolve your Marketing Automation strategy at each level.




How-To Guide: Channel Marketing Automation

This How-To Guide is designed to help companies with reseller, dealer and distributor networks to empower their channel partners with the tools, information and technology they need for revenue growth and profitability by using Channel Marketing Automation. This 6-page guide includes the following sections: What is Channel Marketing Automation?, Channel Marketing Automation Benefits, Best Practices for Channel Marketing Automation and Vendor Selection Criteria.


How-To Guide: Implement a Marketing Automation Solution

This How-To Guide provides practical advice for designing a Marketing Automation strategy, aligning sales & marketing processes, and implementing a Marketing Automation solution. Read this brief 8-page report to learn: Top Marketing Challenges, Definition of Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Solution Benefits, Marketing Automation System Components and Implementing a Marketing Automation Solution.